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10 tabs, no more.

A Web Extension that randomly closes tabs once you exceed 10 opened tabs.

Also available on: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Zip file

Demo configuration popup

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I even need that?

Do you have more than 30 opened tabs right now? Do you spend more time looking for a tab than you do using it? Does your computer heat more than uranium in a nuclear power plant?
Then this extension is for you.

How do I install this extension on my browser?

This extension is available on most browser extension store. Click on the links above to access the one corresponding to your browser, then follow their instructions.
If your browser isn't listed above, you can try installing it with the manual zip available above, but it isn't guaranteed to work.

Can I change the threshold of opened tabs before it closes them?

Yes, after installing the extension in your browser, you can click on the icon to access the configuration menu (See image beside), and change multiple parameters. You can also completely disable the extension when you and your 243 tabs need some peace.

Is this extension open-source?

Yes it is! The license is GNU GPLv3 and you can find the code on Github.

This is truly a masterpiece of a web extension.

Oh my, thank you for such compliments!
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